City of Concordia designed in SketchUp for Roman Architecture class at Yale

Bird's eye view of Concordia

I attempted to balance the city symmetrically with wide streets to provide pedestrians unobstructed views and ease of locating services.

View down Decumanus

One of the two main streets, the Decumanus stretched east to west.

Inside Academy Classroom

One of the bright focal points of the city, this brightly colored academy provides lofty ceilings to accomodate the eponymous discussions, arguments, and lectures.

Inside Academy under the dome

With a giant oculus in the center of the dome, it allows for sunlight and inspiration.

Women's Baths Caldarium

Even a domed roof with an oculus couldn't keep this hot room from staying so!

View from Capitolium

The Capitolium was the seat of Roman authority.

Capitolium and Square

Here, the temple of Jupiter stands in front of a square lined with native palm trees.

Inside the Basilica

Inside the law court, there is plenty of space for viewers and for the lawyers.


Hot and fast food at the ready, served here!

View down Cardo

The north-south street, the Cardo, is lined with triumphal arches.