I am a queer game writer and narrative designer with a love of dialogue and barks. I enjoy playing games with diverse and interesting NPCs with sharp and witty banter.

While I reside in West Hollywood, Calfornia, I was born in Salem, Oregon and have also lived in Washington, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, and France. 

I attended Kent State. double-majored in French and English, and minored in Comparative Literature (specialized in Latin and French literatures). I also spent a year abroad as an exchange student in Bordeaux, France where I toured with a theater company and I performed in the lead role of "Le malade imaginaire" by Molière. 

After graduation, I worked as a customer service representative helping clientele in English, French, and Spanish with tech issues. Longing to return west, I moved to California, where I worked at Starbucks, as a personal assistant to a model, as a server in a posh restaurant (for one day), as a copy editor and fact checker at Genre Magazine, as well as a driver and production assistant at the Hollywood Bowl. In 2000, I taught Latin at a private school in Los Angeles for 22 years. I am now enjoying life with my spouse, Calvin, and our dog, Lucy.

faber suae quisque fortunae

Each of us makes our own fortune - Appius Claudius Caecus