Flash Fiction piece published

A story (>200 words) about a drag queen's last performance, "The Siren's Swan Song," will be published in Macrame Literary Journal's premiere issue in April 2024.

As part of Small Loan Studio's second project, The Ouroboros Express, I co-created the romanceable character, Asha, and her lore with my writing partner, Dylan Sands. We met our writing deadlines, responded to edits, met with the team leads and participated in both QA and playtesting. Our studio submitted our game jam to NaNoRenO after a month of work and fun!

I recently finished writing a book of ancillary stories to supplement those in The Cambridge Latin Course, Unit III, 5th ed. There are 55 stories in Latin for students to read and enjoy, including a mystery that connects nearly all the chapters, and increased representation of female characters. They are for sale on the NACCP website at along with my two previous books for Units I and II.

I entered a writing contest on which challenged the writers to create a six word story based on "a nasty fight between two old and dear friends." Mine was chosen by votes from the writers on the website. I entitled it, "When Someone Goes Too Far," and was based on a really awful tiff.

My six word short story was chosen as an Honorable Mention in their monthly writing contest. 

This month's prompt was about the future of sleep. 

Since the story is their property, please visit their website to read it.

Trust me, it's not long.

I composed a Latin version of the theme song from  "The Jeffersons" for episode 32:2, "I, Carumbus." The lyrics matched not only the show's story arc but also captured the essence of the original song. And they put Ralphie as the bouncing head for me, as he's my favorite character on the show.

I was delighted (despite my eye roll in the picture) to discuss the authenticity of Greco-Roman mythology presented in several video games by Gamology with co-expert and friend Brad Holmes; God of War and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

For a Serge Gainsbourg retrospective, I translated two songs into English for Beck to sing: Nefertiti and Teeny Weeny Boppie. Both are available on my sample page.

I received a lovely speech about my service and commitment along with an engraved silver bowl for having attended twenty summer conventions with the National Junior Classical League.  During this week, we help students of Greek, Latin, and the Classics from across the country to enjoy an unforgettable week of fun, competition, and friendship. Nearly the entire organization and the conventions are run by dedicated, amazing, and exhausted Latin teachers.

The article was: People Share Their "They Didn't Know I Could Understand Their Language." 

My response was #9: "They Made Fun of Me Because of Where I'm From".

People who talk behind your back do so because they're behind you.