The Beast (From Beyond)

In Ancient Roman Austria, a young enslaved man, FELIX, struggles to outwit a STRANGE BEAST killing the nearby townsfolk and the residents of Felix’s owner’s gladiator school  before it moves on.


In Ancient Britain, Queen Boudicca rallies the reluctant tribes of Britain against the unjust Romans after they attempt to take her lands from her.

Parker's Posey

In Los Angeles, a gay man, Parker, is turning thirty and despondent about finding the right guy and ends up finding a really nice guy, but he is the right one?

Kaitlin's Funeral

After a long relationshiop with a reluctant boyfriend, Kaitlin pretends to die and hold her own funeral to find out what has been preventing her boyfriend from popping the question.

Log Cabin Fever

When a group of Log Cabin Republicans go to an outdoor retreat together and begin dying mysteriously,  they find out that one of them might secretly be the murderer, or worse: a liberal Democrat!


In ancient Roman France, the Gallic tribes' chief, Vercingetorix, gathers an army to face the might of Rome's legions, led by the indominable Julius Caesar.

Johnny Trailer Trash Goes to Hollywood

Set in 1990s L.A., a young country boy, Johnny, becomes the personal assistant of a demanding model whose endless requests threaten to drive Johnny crazy.

Latin Convention

A disillusioned Vice Principal helps a small, local public school Latin club to face and compete against their private school adversaries at the annual Latin convention.